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Greetings Brethren,

I have just returned from Kenya, and want to thank you and our Heavenly Father for another very successful trip. Our brethren also send you their Highest Greetings and want to thank all of you who have been assisting them. Your compassion and help has eased their suffering tremendously.

Let me start my report in Sengera, at the orphanage where we have six girls and seven boys residing. These children originally arrived at Sengera House weak, undernourished, wearing the only clothes they possessed, and in very low spirits. But it didn’t take long for all of that to change once living in the uplifting and healthy environment of the orphanage. Thanks to your donations, all of the children are now well nourished, properly clothed, and all in school. It was such a pleasure to be with them during my visit, and experience the love that flourishes amongst them. The oldest is a boy by the name of Nehemiah. He has such a wonderful attitude and personality; he has become their elder brother, taking charge of them in such a loving manner. Each night before going to bed, you will find Nehemiah leading them in hymns (usually 4 or 5) then giving a Bible study. The children all participate, and the love and affection they all show towards one another is quite moving to say the least.

Kenya Hands of Hope is in the process of helping our Impoverished Brethren (with our Focus on Widows & Orphans.) We are also Preaching the Gospel of Repentance to both the World and the Church, as we patiently await the return of our Lord and Savior, and the establishment of His Kingdom here on earth.

•      Kenya Population:  45 Million
•      42% Younger than 14 years of age
•      50% live below poverty level, with 23% living on less that $1. per day.
•      Number of Orphans: (in the Millions and growing!)

Nehemiah asking questions after hymns and Bible study

The children’s gardens are growing well  The Sengera House Orphans

Thanks to you donors, we were also able to pay school fees for orphans from other cog groups. Pictured above are four children from Nyamaruma church group. We are also in the process of building a small mud house for a young “True widow” in Ogembo. She is raising four children, has a job and has been paying the school fees for all of them. But her old house has a leaking roof, and is collapsing. Thanks to you donors, they will soon be living under a dry roof. (They also have no furniture except for one bed, so we hope to purchase them another bed, a table and some chairs.)

At the border group near Maasai tribe, your donations have dug a well, and they are so appreciative to now have water. (you can see pictures and a full report on much of what I’m mentioning here on the Web site, listed under “Latest Update.”  vwcog.org

We have also been pushing the Gospel and visiting more of our remote church groups. Pictured below is a meeting we had with some of the brethren from the Great Rift Valley near Bomet Kenya. (They have an old guitar and sang a beautiful hymn praising God.)


Picture on the right shows the boys at Sengera House busy preparing the ground to pour concrete for the new clothes washing station. These children are so energetic and experienced in so many trades now, including pouring concrete.

Yes Brethren, your donations have been accomplishing much. We thank our Heavenly Father daily for bringing all of us together to do this wonderful work which is Glorifying Him, and for continuing to stretch the funds that come into Kenya Hands of Hope.

May our Almighty Abba Father Bless all of you.
Your brother in Christ
bill Goff

Clothes washing station
James in front of his corn field

The children are growing maze (corn) ground nut (peanuts) onions, beets, kale, squash, okra, and more. They just love working in the garden, and watching the crops grow. It’s thanks to you donors who have made all of this possible.