Ogembo Widow's Mud House Project

Bill Goff
June 6, 2017

Story about one of our "True Widows" who attends the Sengera church with her young children. They walk to services each week which for them is about a two hour walk each way (for me at least three hours.)

I first met Margaret Moraa (a young widow and member of the Sengera church) on the "Last Great Day" services at the Ekenye feast sight back in 2015. We were honoring the elderly and widows that day with a special luncheon. We didn't have much money, so our luncheon consisted of loaves of sliced white bread and bottles of soda. There was no butter, or jelly, or anything else to spread on the slices of bread, but no one was complaining in any way, fact is everyone was so happy and excited to be there.

As we ate the bread and drank the soda, each person, one by one (without being asked to do this) got up and gave a testimony of how "Kenya Hands of Hope" had previously helped them. Some spoke of food assistance that was given to them in their time of need, others commented on how KHofH stepped in and had two doctors from one of the Kisii Hospitals come to Nyamaruma and surgically removed Jiggers from their grandchildren's feet, (and from other children from the village who's feet were plagued with the Jiggers.)

The last person to stand up and speak that day was Margaret, the young widow and mother of four young children. She stated that after her husband had recently died (from pneumonia if I remember correctly) that they had been evicted from the house where they were living. She said they now had no place to stay. A very sad situation.

As the luncheon came to an end, we began saying our goodbyes to the large number of brethren who were attending that feast site. (We were also trying to find enough funds to give some who had walked to the FOT site, enough fare to return home on motor bike taxis.) as I mentioned earlier, we were quite low on funds. In fact when I arrived that morning, I noticed that the wooden fence that had been around the feast site was missing. When I asked what happened to the fence, I was informed that they had run out of fire wood to cook with, and decided to use the fence.

Anyway, a few days later after the feast was over and everything settled down, I began thinking about that homeless widow, and inquired what had happened to her. Turns out that no one was able to help her that last night at the feast, and that she was reported living on the street somewhere in the large nearby village of Ogembo. I was so sad to hear that, and immediately sent some brethren out to find her and the children. It took one week to locate them, they were found at the small hospital their in Ogembo. One of the children had pneumonia from sleeping on the street, and all were now sleeping on the floor at the hospital, and starving.

Fortunately we were able to get them some food, and also pay the small hospital bill. The mom (Margaret) met an elderly lady at the hospital who took pity on the family and offered for them to stay with her in her small mud hut. So they began living in that small hut with the leaking roof, helping each other out. Margaret was searching for work each day to buy food and pay her children's school fees.

But soon afterwards the elderly woman died. At the funeral her only son had traveled from Nairobi to bury his mom. After the funeral, the son was anxious to sell the house & property and return back to Nairobi. The widow was unable to purchase the property due to lack of funds. So once again she was fearing being back on the street, but the village Chief stepped in and forced the son to offer the property to the widow at a very low price being she was previously helping his mother. Well the price was at a fraction of its actual value, and KHofH was able to give Margaret the funds needed, so she bought it.

The only problem left was that the house was old with a leaking roof, and soon going to collapse. But thanks to those who our Heavenly Father has brought together with His Holy Spirit, once again good works that glorify Him were performed. We are just completing the construction of a new mud house,  and the (True Widow) Margaret and her children will move in next week.  Margaret wants to thank all of you who have been donating to KHofH. Praise God!

Old house with leaking roof and soon to collapse, where the elderly lady, Margaret, and her children were living.  When I visited the house shortly after the elderly lady died, I found one single bed, one chair, few pots & pans, and no food except for a had full of sweet potatoes which Margaret had been feeding her family the past few nights.

Preparing the ground for new house. 

Framed out of wood.

Roof is of metal sheets. The house is L shaped, and will have two rooms, one for Mom and the girls, other for the boys.

Mud was added last week

Ogembo Widow and her children.

Widow and children will move in soon as the mud dries, and the windows & doors are installed. We also plan to help them in the future with another bed, a table, and couple of chairs.

Margaret wants to thank those of you who have donated, and praises Our Heavenly Father for all your good works which has Glorified Him.