2019 Spring Feast Report

From: William Patrick Goff <>
Date: 12 May 2019 at 8:59:50 PM EAT
Subject: 2019 Spring Feast

Greetings dear Brethren and loving friends in Christ Jesus,

It another warm moment here little rain and little sun, hereby like to pass my appreciation on behalf of E. Africa Brethren. We are much thankful for your support for the Passover and Unleavened Bread Feast. This year we had Feast in various parts of Kenya and neighboring Country Tanzania.

In Kenya we had feast sites in:  Kisii county in sengera, Ikoba, and border. In Sengera we took bread and wine. Kept night much observed with 300 brethren including children. we had a very nice feast with much remembrance of passion which our Savior and Lord underwent. We were blessed with Sengera orphanage choir singing "Anakuja" (means: "He is Coming") with other good and memorable songs.

Also from ikoba and border they had a wonderful and touching feast for being together for whole week sharing touching and uplifting teaching as God's family. The session was of great importance to the church there for tackling various topics which they didnít know. Also passed thanks to you for helping them physically to get food for the whole week. Also for getting them bread and wine for the Passover.

We also had Bomet county Passover and Unleavened Bread in three sites: Merigi, Kembu and Longisa. All three sites had successful feast session, with teaching in seven day. The brethren send thanks to Kenya Hands of Hope to you friends and donor for helping with food thought the week and wine and bread for the Passover. The total number of brethren kept feast there where 378 brethren

Narok county we had brethren from transmara sub county in Emurwa Dregee , Kiango, Ngoberi, Musonic and Mlot. The  groupís had 500 brethren total at sites. They were much thankful for bread and wine for Passover, and with food throughout the week

Also we had Nyakachi group which was with 31 members also were much appreciative of the help for Passover and Unleavened Bread Feast

Brother Deus from Tanzania also held nice feast days, and he appreciated and thanked Kenya Hands of Hope. 70 brethren kept feast there in Tanzania

Also at coast we had two sites for Elijah Muthie and Sammy also they thanked KHOH for financial assistance towards feast.

Total number attending feast were  approximately 1,400.  Taking this opportunity to thank you donors of KHofH for all the assistance towards the various feast site. Without your help we would not have been able to have such a wonderful and successful feast, where all were able to eat not only physically (which was a wonderful blessing) but all also enjoy all the spiritual food, and wonderful time of being together with others of God's family. May our Lord bless all of you for helping us.

Haron Mokoro

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