Feast Report 2016

From: kenya contact <kenyacontact@yahoo.com>
Date: 29 October 2016 at 1:39:10 PM GMT-4
To: William P Goff <goffb50@aol.com>
Subject: Feast  of Tabernacles report

Kenya E. Africa

Greetings from E. Africa, where there were a total of almost 700 Brethren in attendance at this years Feast of Tabernacles. We expected to host 250 brethren here at the Sengera Kenya site, but ended up with 350. We slept in tight place due high congestion, but rejoiced together in sharing much in scripture throughout 8 days. Also had different speaker who committed much too sharing word of God out of different Biblical topics.

We appreciate much the help from donors of Kenya Hands of Hope for assistance supplied to us. We purchased food mostly from kisii and later added some from the local market due to increase number of brethren. We thank God because of cow supplied to us. Brethren enjoyed meat and made nice smell throughout the week. As you may know, most brethren here go entire year without eating any meat, so this cow was a real blessing & treat. The electricity that KHofH recently supplied to Sengera orphanage also helped the congregation a lot this Feast , with night light to see (unlike the past when we were in deep dark.)

Thank you also for the support given to orphans and widows, including transportation to and from Feast  site. At last great day I remember bitterly expression of widows on hardships they are undergoing at their places. But we thank all of you for helping them with food on their going back home. The Feast  also had much praise to our Almighty Father with good songs and voices from orphans thanking God and breaking into tears of joy.

We appreciate from our hearts for having supported us here. We also had a Feast  site in: Narok, Nyakach, Bomet, and Ramula in Siaya. All sites report good Feast , and heart felt thanks for the support given by brethren abroad. However areas like Nyakachi had serious problem on water due heavy drought which resulted in lack of water. (Famine is wide spread in Nyakack.)

May the Almighty Father bless all of you abundantly.

Haron Mokoro

From:    mbogo michael

ON 15TH - 23RD OCTOBER, 2016

The Feast of Tabernacle 2016 has been wonderfully kept here at Andingo Opanga Nyakach Kisumu County, we had  had a time we did not have hoped to keep the Feast due to difficult situation we were living.

There was a severe drought accompanied with famine and all the nearby springs which help the community with water for drinking dried off.

However, thanks the Lord for his great mercy, we approached the Kenya Hands of Hope through Elder William Goff and received assistance which enable us to hold the Feast . It was truly inspiring time and peaceful Feast  ever held.

The food prepared were clean and tasteful hence the preaching was very powerful. Speakers were Pastor Alfred Onyango from Giribe, David  Bellesa  from Masaai Mara, Pastor  K. Ngeno of Narok South.

The messages preached was very powerful even songs of praise were very powerful and touching heart. for those who were sick was witnessed, and those who had many problems were prayed for and God responded to their need. Thanks the Lord for His caring.

There were 100 Adults and 20 children totaling to 120 people who kept the Feast at this camp.

This Feast  has been kept related to what has been inscribed in Deuteronomy 16:13 - 15; Leviticus 23:33 - 35; 35 - 36 where the Lord instructs the Israelites to celebrate the Feast  for seven days at a place where God choses, Andingo Opanga is one of the Feast  site God chose.

May those contributed towards the success of this Feast  be highly blessed and given abundantly.

Thank you to all who contributed towards the success of this Feast .

Michael Ombogo