Feast Report 2017
Kenya E. Africa

Greetings from Kenya, where 628 Brethren attended this years Feast of Tabernacles at eight separate sites. All are reporting a good Feast.

The following report received from:
Haron Mokoro (Kenya Feast Coordinator)

Greetings Dear friend and Elder Bill,

Please pass our humble regard and greetings to each and every one of you, for your support in prayer and financially for the Feast of Tabernacle here in Kenya . I thank my Creator for giving us good health during feast time.

Thanks to Kenya Hands of Hope supporters, we moved successful eight day eating well and sleeping well. It was a loving environment and wonderful. I appreciate your humble donations from our loving KHofH supporters, through you we were accessible to well pumped water and rain harvested water and that's through digging of the well and installation of good pump well plumbing and also effective water catchments. How wonderful it is to have water. We also appreciate for Higher Electric power lighting of the compound and wonderful rooms for sleeping through your finances. We ate well diet of food, which changed color of our skin. As you know through elder Billís long experience in Kenya most families here are totally poor not even supporting themselves in food terms. It was a wonderful treat to us to enjoy once together for spiritual and physical nourishment. We all appreciated the service from our dear Kisii brethren for making good meals, especially the ladies who showed much commitment.

Sengera Feast Site

I thank you for participation for the better feast here in Sengera site. At Sengera we received 225 brothersí men women and children (Also three widows and two orphans from Bomet.) The Bomet orphans didn't want to go back home due they felt much at home together with our 17 orphans. Besides Sengera we had a feast at the border of around eighty brethren attended. They also had nice feast and appreciated much. They also pass thanks to the donors of KHofH.

We say "Asante Sana" (Thank You Very Much) for showing your hand not only to us at Sengera and Border Feast groups, but also for extended hand to:
Bomet Feast group
Narok Feast group
Transmara Feast group
Siaya Ramula Feast group
Coast Mombasa Feast (two groups at Coast.)

May we continue with such loving Spirit.
Haron Mokoro."

Following report from John Ogada at Ramula:

Shalom pastor

I am very Happy to send our report. The FOT was very successful here in Ramula, Kenya. With 30 adult 22 children the total of 52. Our members were very happy with the support you sent to us. At the middle of the feast we give our offering of ksh 5,000 for the work of the church.

Ramula Feast group

As I told you, in Kenya there is no peace. Pray for Kenya and for God's Kingdom to come. The opposition are saying they will not participate in the 26/10/2017 election. But the ruling party says they must vote that day. We don't know what will happen, riots have already begun as pictured below:

Rioters blocking main road into Kisumu
with stones & burning tires.
Following report from Narok site:

Greetings, we had a very successful Feast here in Narok, with good food both physical and spiritual."

Narok Feast Site

Following report from Coast:

Greetings Brethren, we thank God that He chose us to be among His flock, and for giving us understanding of the meaning and importance of His Feast.  At Kenya coast we had two Feast sites, one at Kilibasi with elder Sammy, and the other at Shimba Hills. We had Feast opening message from William Bill Goff.  The message opened brethren's minds to significance and importance of keeping our Creator's Feast.

Due to drought in Kenya Coast, brethren had very low funds to meet FOT expenses.  After we raise this issue to our brother Bill Goff, he assisted us (both sites) with funds for food.  The funds did not sustain us throughout the feast week.  Again brother William boosted us with additional funds. The brethren all over the sites appreciated the assistance and said "this is not human assistance but God's own.  No human can unless has Holy Spirit in him."  They recited a verse from Genesis 41:38 May God maintain His Spirit in them who are helping us."

Feast program was very busy throughout the feast days. These included: music, drama, sermons, bible studies, questions and answers, and children's show. (Also 3 baptisms will be on Thursday next week.) So feast was very good, we thank supporters of KHofH for assisting us.

This report comes from Kenya Coast, prepared by Elijah D Mutie Mombasa groups overseer."

Sengara Feast Children