Feast Report 2018
Kenya E. Africa

Greetings, this year’s Feast of Tabernacles in Kenya, was attended by 1,250 Brethren in 9 locations. The largest site was Sengera where we accommodated 350. All sites reported having a good Feast. The brethren were so happy to congregate for the entire eight days. And many were also happy to have three meals each day during the Feast. Conditions in E. Africa for our impoverished brethren continue to be rough. All are peasant farmers, and the weather has been a challenge with much drought in some areas, and much flooding in other areas. Many of our brethren ration their food throughout the year to survive.

Sengera Feast Site
As you can see in the picture, children outnumber adults.
In Kenya, 42 % of population is under 14 years of age.

Top killers of natives in Kenya is Malaria, Pneumonia, and Cancer.  Number one killer of foreigners in Kenya is the Hippopotamus.

Sengera Feast Site
Sengera meeting hall was jam packed during Feast.
Overflow was outside.
Boys making tea during FOT

Received the following report from Elijah in Mombasa:

“Brethren Greetings,

We thank God for giving us ability of knowing Him. We sat for feast 8 days as commanded,

Attendants: 61 including visitors from Jehovah Witness Church.

Spiritual: The messages during the feast were good and brethren were totally revived. 2 of the visitors accepted the faith and will prepare for baptism.

Appreciation: All brethren appreciated the assistance we received from you which boosted us throughout the feast. May God still maintain same spirit till we meet Him in the air. Amen

Elijah from Mombasa”

Our Kenyan Brethren thank all of you who helped support the Feast.