February 2017

Greetings Brethren,

    Hope all of you are well, and continue to be cared for and blessed by our Heavenly Father. February has been another busy Month for the work we are involved in over there in Kenya/Tanzania.  First I want to thank those of you who have been supporting, because thanks to your support (and thanks to the guiding Spirit of our loving Father) “Good Fruits” are continuing to be produced.  Many of our impoverished fatherless and widows continue to be assisted in their afflictions, and I know that is pleasing to God.

    We are now caring for another child at Sengera Orphanage.  His name is Felix.  Felix has been attending the Sengera church for over two years now.  He was abandoned by his parents and had been living with his Grandmother who is old and no longer able to care for him.  The boy is exceptionally kind and polite; he is also fluent in English.  He impressed me numerous times during some of our bible studies with his knowledge of the Scriptures.  Pictured below are the children showing you donors the text books we were recently able to purchase for them (that’s Felix top left.)  We also hired a tutor who spends some time during each week helping a few of the children who were a little behind in their studies.

Top left: Felix, James, Diana, Francis, Charles, Brian (Ibu), and Nehemiah
Bottom left: Mildred, Margaret, Peverline, Maurine, Anne, Timothy, and Enoch.

    As I mentioned, February has been a busy Month in Kenya.  Haron, our overseer at the orphanage in Sengera was involved in another motor bike accident.  Kenya can be a dangerous place in many ways.  Our congregation in Nyamaruma was accused by someone of being Satanic (we've been through this numerous times in the past with some of the other congregations being accused of the same thing, even Charles Mokoro the eldest elder in Sengera was close to be arrested two years ago.)  It's no wonder, because He said "If they call me Beelzebub, how much more them of His household."  So the authorities came to arrest the overseer there in Nyamaruma.

    Haron went to intervene, and was successful, but on his way back, he had a head on with another motor bike. He had no broken bones, but was incoherent when hospitalized with head injury and internal bleeding.  Thanks to God, He recovered quite quickly and was released after three days.  He is now back at the orphanage and in good health.  Traveling around in E. Africa is so dangerous, even I was involved in three motorbike accidents just on my last visit there.

    We also received reports from the border group (Located near the Maasai/Tanzania border) that they are experiencing famine conditions in their area.  With little food (which they are rationing) and no clean water, they have reached out to us for help. We (KHofH) have assisted them with some grain which they have divided amongst the congregation.  We have also initiated the digging of a well. They will start digging next week.  I hope you donors realize how much you have helped our African Brethren with your prayers and support, you have eased their suffering significantly.  We thank God daily for your compassion and outgoing concern for them.

    We have also been contacted by a number of our church groups requesting some “wine” for the upcoming Passover.  Wine cannot be purchased in most villages, so we normally purchase it in the City and distribute to the various groups.  Our Kenyan Brethren also try to congregate for all seven days during the spring Feast, so we are hoping to assist them with a little food, if possible.  (They have not requested food, but I know for a fact that with out our help, they will have very little to eat during the Feast.)  Many of our brethren ration their food on a daily basis.  Those brethren weren’t born in a country like many of us, flowing with milk, honey, and prosperity, they were born into dearth, poverty, and oppression.  But you would never know it from the smiles on their faces.  They are always so happy, so full of faith.

May The Almighty God bless all of you.

Your brother in Christ

bill Goff

January 2017

Greetings Brethren,

Thanks to you donors, the children at Sengera House have all returned back to school. We were able to purchase all of them shoes & sweaters. Also received the following report from the head teacher:

"Greetings, we send thanks to KHofH having worked hard and tirelessly to put 12 orphans in our school. We thank you for having good moral and obedient children.

We also have strategy of improving the performance of the students. And it is a cooperation agenda between you and the school and specific I have some education guidelines on area they are weak. I promised to help the children, with one request of text books to help them advance their studies.

We also thank you Bill because not all children/orphans get the opportunity like the orphans you have. To be sincere even I was not in school all the time, but I thank God because He had a plan for me. My rejoice is to continue witnessing fruits of these orphans being together and I hope God will bless you for the good doing for them.

Also I like to remind you of our request of the water tank which is much needed here at the school.

Josia Nyandwaro"

School is back in session and all the children have returned.

Rianyakwara Primary School is where the children attend. Our youngest is Enoch who is in standard one, and the oldest is Nehemiah who is in standard eight. All the teachers are Christians, and all are Sabbath keepers. KHofH has supplied each and every teacher with Bibles, in which all are very grateful to you donors who made it possible. Schools in Kenya allow the teachers to read and teach directly from the Bible. One teacher was also provided with a study Bible. (KHofH has also provided Bibles to other school teachers including some in the Great Rift Valley.)

Sengera Church Kitchen is now complete

"We thank you KHofH for the kitchen which is of great help to us here in Sengera congregation. Last week we were with Nyamaruma and the kitchen serviced us well in food preparation. The rocket stove uses much less energy some few wood and food is ready quickly.

Thanks to KHofH for their hand of help. We appreciate also for the good counter you made with the boys.


The swing set is also complete and the children are loving it

I received a report from Michael Mbogo. He took 10 sick members of the Nykach church group to the hospital thinking they were suffering from malaria, but found out they had no malaria, but are starving to death from hunger. Nykach is once again in famine conditions. We sent them 20,000/- Kenya Schillings ($200.00) and hope to send more when able.

Here is Michael's report:

"Once again, I would like to inform you that due to exceeding drought, many of our brethrens here are suffering from hunger because there is famine in our area, and some of our brethrens are seriously sickling. I have taken 10 of our brethrens to the hospital thinking that they are attacked with malaria but the Doctor found nothing except hunger is disturbing them.
Michael Mbogo"

Also received a report just now from the Maasai Border Group with an urgent request for help. They also are experiencing severe drought at this time, and are "pleading" for us to not let them and their children die. Famine is taking a strong hold in their area. (We are sending them 20,000/- Kenya Schillings ($200.00).

Death is no stranger to our impoverished African brethren. Just last week a neighbor to us there in Sengera came wanting to borrow one of our shovels. He was looking to bury his 3 year old daughter who had died from pneumonia. How sad, apparently she was sick but they didn't have the funds to take her to the local clinic. (If we were aware, we would have helped.)

About two weeks ago one of our church widows who lives in Ogembo (about 3 miles away) contacted us telling that her 16 year old son was very sick and had stopped responding. We (KHofH ) funded her to take him to the hospital. Turned out he had what they call strong malaria. He was put on intravenous, and discharged three days later. If it wasn't for you donors helping our impoverished brethren, the boy would have died.

And our brethren are Very appreciative for all of your help. A week after returning home from the hospital, the boy (Bernard Nyangaresi) walked all the way to Sengera House to thank us for helping him. (Actually over 6 miles round trip) it's the compassionate hearts of you donors who saved his live, thanks to our Heavenly Father who is creating His Holy Righteous Character in each and every one of you. Praise God!

The Gospel also continues to be preached by our work in Kenya. John Ogada (the Ramula pastor) reports returning from Magori where he addressed seven Sunday keeping groups who had requested a visit. We know that God is not calling groups, that His calling is an individual calling. But this opportunity arose, and John reports that many showed much interest and requested more teachings.  Every visit I make to Kenya, we continue to answer visit requests.

In Matthew 22 our Heavenly Father tells us that the wedding banquet that He has prepared for us, is ready (it's been ready for a long time now.) But some made light of it and went back unto the cares of this life. He was wroth, and told His servants that the wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy. He told His servants to go out to the highways and hedges and bid more. Brethren, the calling of our Heavenly has not ended, we are still commissioned to preach the Gospel to the very end of this age. That preaching is moving forward in Kenya, all of our groups continue to show fruits and growth. Let us continue to work while it is still day.

Thank You

Bill Goff
Director, Kenya Hands of Hope  (KHofH)

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